Monday, April 9, 2012

Last minute fun before exams. (Genna)

Hello world!

Looks like it’s been a few weeks since I shared the goings on of my life! School has gotten a little hectic this time of year, what with term projects wrapping up and last minute assignments the profs just love throwing our way. The bright side is that in less than a month summer begins! I’m quite fortunate this year to only have 4 exams, and they’re all spread out over 3 weeks! It gives me lots of time to study, and not stress out :P

With the end of the term also comes the last minute get together before we all settle down for exams. The Eng Musical ended 2 weeks ago, so the cast, crew, and band of the show decided to have a little get together and go out for sushi:). We had an amazing run, and got lots of positive reviews. Can't wait for next year, it's going to be even better! Check out some shots from behind the scenes below:
The final shot of the show. Isn't it impressive?
The absolutely amazing cast, band, and crew of the 2012 McMaster Engineering Musical!
Some last minute dance rehearsing in the dressing room. Check out those jazz hands!
We even had a giraffe!

Well, I guess I better hit the books. Those biochemistrynotes won’t review themselves!



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