Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello world!

The name’s Genna, and I am one of the new contributors for the Hear it From Her blog! I am a 3rd year Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering student, and I’m actively involved in the student life of Mac Eng and various engineering clubs. Like Paula and Daniela, I am also a Redsuit.

Funny story, I was actually a life science student in my first year, but I learned the error of my ways (no offense to those life sci students out there!) and switched over to Eng in the summer of my first year. One thing I can say about the process: endless summer school=no fun! But I’m glad I made the switch because I love my faculty now!

Anyways, life is great here at Mac Eng. I am part of the McMaster Engineering Musical (cast member and choreographer), and rehearsals are in full swing! My Saturdays and Sundays are now devoted to singing, dancing, and generally making a fool of myself. It is definitely one of my favourite extra curricular activities.

The show is 100% ours. We write the songs and script ourselves, we are the actors in the show, the band is made up of students, and even the crew is all undergrad engineers! If you’re curious about the show, check us out at and you can read about some of our past shows. This year we’re doing (drumroll please)……..THE ENG KING! Oh yes, it is a spoof on the Lion King, and it is going to be absolutely amazing!

Now I do get the lovely task of managing my time between school, musical, volunteering, and maybe having a social life! Just kidding, my extracurricular activities are super duper social. Tonight’s plan: maybe finish my process simulation homework, and then watch Disney movies till the wee hours of the morning with my housemates. Sounds like a good night? I think so!

Anyhoo, that’s all for now folks! You’ll get updates from me periodically about the goings on in my life; I know you’ll all be waiting on the edge of your seat!



Thursday, January 19, 2012

School: More than just Homework (Daniela)

Personally, I love school. I know, I know, you must be thinking “This girl is crazy!" But the reality is, I love learning. And I’m not talking about differential equations, chemical reactions, or potential energy. I’m talking about the experiential learning that comes from joining clubs, teams and doing stuff outside of class. I participate in a broad range of extra-curricular activities, but one with my highest level of involvement is with the McMaster chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB). EWB is national organization that does work in Canada and some African countries, but I don't really want to go on about what EWB is. Rather, I want to tell you about the EWB conference I attended last week in Ottawa.

Students and professionals from across Canada, and delegates from Africa, gathered in the nation’s capital to discuss the organization's new vision, learn problem solving skills and how to have Systemic Innovation (which was the theme of the conference this year).

Delegates listen attentively to Dr. Samantha Nutt, founder of War Child (And McMaster Graduate!).

I had an absolutely amazing time at the conference! First of all, I got to reunite with people I went to Ghana with last summer, and most importantly, I had very critical discussions and came out learning about myself, the world at the moment, and forming my own new opinions.

So what can you take out of this? Well, conferences are an amazing opportunity to network with other students and people already in industry (can anyone say job opportunities?!), as well as learn about current issues and develop important soft skills!

The moral of the story is: school doesn’t just give you homework and tests. It provides the platform to have AMAZING experiences.

Later days,


Monday, January 9, 2012

Following the Campaign Trail (Daniela)

Today marks the beginning of the second week of the winter semester. Everyone is now one semester wiser, and I know I certainly have new goals to better stay on top of my work and assignments.

Beyond the standard exhilaration of a new semester, we have a little bit more to get excited about. Tomorrow and Wednesday are the two voting days for the McMaster Engineering Society President for the 2012-2013 year. The MES is a great opportunity for students who
have a variety of interests and skills and want to get involved. You can edit and publish our magazine (Frequency), submit articles to our newspaper (The Plumbline), organize the McMaster Engineering Competition, and also run a variety of events. The Presidential election is the first one of the year, and will be followed shortly by elections for our many other council positions.

If you are interested in reading the candidates' campaign statements, check out the MES website here:

I know I am very excited to vote tomorrow, and I hope my peers do the same!

Later days,


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome back! (Paula)

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new semester at McMaster Engineering! My name is Paula and I am in third year Mechanical Engineering and Society. Like Daniela, I am also a redsuit.

I always love the beginning of the term, not only because the schoolwork isn't in full swing yet, but because it's time to think about what I'd like to be involved in. I'm thinking about rejoining the Master's swim team that I swam on all of first year. The practices are flexible and it's a fun way for me to stay in shape. I'm sure you've heard this before, but whatever schooling you decide to do make sure you find something active and fun to stay involved in! Your studies are important, but it's also very important to find a "work-life balance". For me, and I think for you too, this is constantly evolving and changes based on course load, commitments and even relationships!

Luckily for me, I have 5 courses this term instead of the 6 I took last term. Woohoo! So I may even start to horseback ride again when I can, which I usually only do in the summer. Enough about me though! What I really want to stress right now is that even though engineering is busy, and certainly a lot of work, it is absolutely manageable to pick up some activities that you like to do outside of your studies.

Hmmm, speaking of studies...I`d better get on that. I totally already have an assignment in heat transfer!

Keep it real,