Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kipling! (Paula)

Hey guys!

How's it hanging? Hope you're all amped for the expected sunshine this week! Good weather makes everything so much better don't you think? :)

Speaking of, I don't know about where you live, but in Hamilton on Friday at about 6pm we had a freak snowstorm!!! I was so upset! The snow actually ... wait for it ... stayed on the ground! This, when only a week before it was 26 and sunny. I hope this inspires you to think about the effects of global warming, and how you can change your habits to create less waste and pollution 8-).

Anyway, that snow fell at the worst time possible - right before all of the graduates were heading to campus to get transportation to the Kipling Formal (i.e. the engineering graduation formal). As a (non-graduating, but lucky) guest, I was pretty concerned about getting soaked and freezing before even getting to the formal! Thankfully my roomate saved the day and offered to drive myself, my date, and all his housemates and their dates. So, alas, no one's hair or outfit was ruined :)

Above: The mechanical engineers' rocket!

Above: The civil engineers' rope bridge, and the materials engineers' playpen.

Did you notice the mention of the word GRADUATES above, by the way? That's right - all the graduating students of the class of 2012 left their "kipling gifts" for us overnight last Thursday (including a McTerials play pen, a huge model rocket in the side of one of the arts building, and some "Mecheroni and Cheese" for grabs in the eng building lobby) before getting their coveted iron rings at the kipling ceremony Friday afternoon. How exciting! Still 3 more years until I get my ring though...siiigh! Luckily, school is a pretty fun place to be so I'm ok with taking the long way to get to "my precious" :P

Anyway, I'm out everyone - first exam is in 4 days eek!! Happy Tuesday!


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