Friday, February 3, 2012

Where did January go?! (Paula)

So even though we have no snow to show for it, it IS in fact already February...which means 2 things:

1) Dun dun dun....Midterm season is upon us! I've written 2 of 10 so far, and to be honest I didn't enjoy them too much. Hopefully the rest of them are kinder! Luckily I have the next full week to study for my Heat Transfer test on Thursday, so no excuses for not being maximally prepared!!!

2) It's almost reading week! Reading week is like March Break for University students - inevitably some reading and studying does actually need to get done, but it's a great opportunity to get away for a few days. Maybe go to a cottage, or hit the slopes or the beach, or maybe just take the time to chill at home for the week and enjoy the lack of classes and labs.

I'm heading to Tremblant for the week with a group of friends to do some skiing and snowboarding, and some cross-country skiing as well. It will definitely be a nice change of pace! Well, as long as we get some snow before then.

Anyways, back to the grind. Have to get started studying for Heat Transfer!

Have an awesome weekend,

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