Friday, March 1, 2013

Is it Just Me, or Has This Semester Been Flying By?

Gizmo, the author's dog
My adorable Gizmo!

Reading week is over, and although the week of relaxation and home cooking has come to an end, there is so much going on around campus you can’t be bored! My reading week was nothing exciting. I got to go home, visit my family, and play with my dog. Isn’t she cute?

But now that I’m back at McMaster, I have so much going on that I’m too excited to sleep! Its crunch time for the McMaster Engineering Musical, which has its first show in 2 weeks. I can’t believe it! I’ve been involved for a few years now, but this year not only am I performing and choreographing, but I’ve taken on the role of assistant director. (Read my post about last year's musical here.)

This year, our theme is “The Bounds of M(u)=Sic”, a parody of “The Sound of Music”. It tells the tale of Mary, an Arts and Science student, who doesn’t quite fit in with her faculty. She is convinced she should be in Engineering and decides to take an engineering course to see if that is where she belongs. Little does she know, the course is really difficult and all but 7 students have dropped it! Will Mary be able to help her fellow classmates pass?

McMaster Engineering logo for the Bounds of Music
McMaster Engineering Musical 2013
Sound like something you’d like to see? Well, it’s going to be an amazing show. If you live in the Hamilton area and are around on March 14, 15, or 16th you should definitely come out! The show is at 8:00 pm at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School, which is located at 130 York Blvd. You can get tickets at the door but we recommend you visit and reserve some ahead of time.

Along with musical, it is also the time for the Engineering Welcome Week representative tryouts. The campus is buzzing with people showing how creative they are. If you’re on campus, stop by the John Hodgins Engineering building to see some of the shenanigans we can get up to!

Anyways, I should get back to my work. After all, I do have to get schoolwork done at some point during all this excitement!

Cheers! ~Genna

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  1. I'd just like to say that I graduated from the Arts & Science program...

    ... and then went on to graduate from Mech Eng! :)

    Plus I'm a Mac Eng Musical alum (Phantom of the Mac Eng Musical). Break a leg everybody! :D


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