Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Helloooo February!

With Fireball behind us, and midterm season around the bend, it’s time to pull our socks up, and retreat back to our favourite chairs in Thode Library. For all prospective students, your applications are out! Now comes decision time, and that dreadful waiting period when you check your email and mailboxes all the time to see if you've heard back from any schools.

My friends and I goofing off for the cameras! I'm third from the left.
The guys were being girls and the girls were being guys :P
True to my word though, I’ll first let you know how Fireball went. To begin with, I learned a very important lesson that night. I learned that my sister’s shoes (being a size too big) are actually kind of a big deal when you’re trying to run to catch a bus. I think I have a scar on my foot now. I will never wear shoes too big again. No matter how cute they are!

The 2012-2013 president on the left, Erin,
handing off the "MES president sword"
to next year's president Emily!

Other than my shoes… Fireball was a blast! The food was delicious, the people were fantastic, and the outfits were glorious. Emily Au was named the new McMaster Engineering Society president (3rd female in a row I might add), and tons of awards were given out to some amazing students we have here at Mac! If you want to check out some of the photos from that night, they’re posted to the MacEng Society’s website here:

Coming up next week is the Engineering Level II Info Fair. At McMaster, all engineering students take a general first year and then apply to the programs of their choice for second year. It is (in my opinion) one of the best aspects to the program. You don’t know how many of my friends changed their minds after first year! The Level II Fair lets first year students speak with professors and upper year students to get a good feel for the programs before they make their choice. We have seven engineering departments, some with different streams such as nuclear engineering (part of engineering physics) or electrical and biomedical engineering. You can add on our optional programs like co-op, management or society too. Check out our programs at: .

MacEng has got some great traditions and a rich student life. If you applied here, and you’re interested in learning a bit more from a student’s perspective, don’t be shy! We’ll be hosting an online chat session on February 25th: . The site will be updated soon. I’ll be online, along with some other students to answer all your questions!


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