Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome back! (Paula)

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new semester at McMaster Engineering! My name is Paula and I am in third year Mechanical Engineering and Society. Like Daniela, I am also a redsuit.

I always love the beginning of the term, not only because the schoolwork isn't in full swing yet, but because it's time to think about what I'd like to be involved in. I'm thinking about rejoining the Master's swim team that I swam on all of first year. The practices are flexible and it's a fun way for me to stay in shape. I'm sure you've heard this before, but whatever schooling you decide to do make sure you find something active and fun to stay involved in! Your studies are important, but it's also very important to find a "work-life balance". For me, and I think for you too, this is constantly evolving and changes based on course load, commitments and even relationships!

Luckily for me, I have 5 courses this term instead of the 6 I took last term. Woohoo! So I may even start to horseback ride again when I can, which I usually only do in the summer. Enough about me though! What I really want to stress right now is that even though engineering is busy, and certainly a lot of work, it is absolutely manageable to pick up some activities that you like to do outside of your studies.

Hmmm, speaking of studies...I`d better get on that. I totally already have an assignment in heat transfer!

Keep it real,

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