Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Different Resolution than 800px x 600px

Happy New Year! I hope your 2013 will be your best odd-numbered year to date!

Many of you have probably made some type of New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you want to try a new sport, or lay off the chocolate. Maybe even hit the gym once in a while.

As for me, and quite a few fellow students I know, our goal for 2013 is to improve academically. This could mean develop better study habits, get help when you think you need it and make sure you stay on top of your work.

The funny thing is, most resolutions we make are goals that we think we must do individually – that we have to “go it alone”. We tend to forget about the support system that exists for us; whether it’s friends, family, or your institution.

Here at McMaster, the Faculty of Engineering offers many ways to support your academic goals:

  • 'Profs':

Your professor is there to teach you. He or she even schedules hours for you to go ask them questions. Many students do not take advantage of office hours – don’t let that be you!

  • Study Sessions:
The McMaster Engineering Society has set up study sessions with ‘upper years’ to help ‘first years’ prepare for tests and exams. How sweet is that? You can work with people who have already been through what you have! You can always set up a study group of your own with your friends as well.
Some people prefer to study in groups.
These Eng girls studying in  Thode, the Engineering and Science Library.
  •   Eng I SUCCESS:
It is a great time to be a first year at McMaster! New this year is something called the ENG I SUCCESS Initiative, where first years that may have not done so hot in their term one courses have an opportunity to upgrade their marks and improve their study skills!

And if these options don’t get you where you want to be, there are  academic advisors in Engineering Student Services to help you out. University may seem like an intimidating place on the outside, but there is a huge network and support system waiting for you.

Good luck this year! Keep sticking to your resolutions to find your way to success!

Later days,

~ Daniela

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