Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making the Right Transition (Daniela)

Hello there!

About two years ago, I was looking to the future. It was time to figure out my post-secondary life. And let me tell you, it is definitely not an easy task.

This past weekend, I was representing McMaster at the Ontario University Fair, and it definitely brought me back to the times of university applications.

Seeing all the exhibitions from Ontario universities and some schools outside the province as well, really puts into perspective that each school has a different atmosphere and is right for someone. So here it is. Some advice from someone who’s been through the gruelling process:

Pick the program and the school that is right for you! Don’t worry about university rankings, or what your parents say you should get into. University is expensive… why would you want to pay so much for something you’re not really interested in?

For example, Mac Eng is the PERFECT place for me because I am able to take technical engineering courses as well as other courses that peak my interest and I’m part of an awesome community with helpful people and a tonne of opportunities!

Good luck with your final year of high school!
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