Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photo time!

So we had a snow day this week! On Wednesday, too, which was awesome and made it feel like a Sunday in the middle of the week. In Hamilton we got about 30 cm of snow overnight, which is unusal for the area.

However, snow day or not schoolwork goes on (I actually only missed two hours of class that day because I have so many self-directed courses this term) and this weekend is still pretty busy. I spent Saturday in the lab soldering up a circuit for my final year design project and working on an assignment for my solar cells class wtih a partner. Later this afternoon I'm performing with the McMaster Concert Band, so I'm just going to keep it easy with the writing this week and share some photos with you. :)

Here's the Concert Band in rehearsal in University Hall, where we also perform:

Here's a photo of the snowman (and mini-snowmen) the eng phys students made in front of our worklab windows. He's wearing "plaid" because our project is to design a "lumberjack" (robot) that moves to stay on top of a log (rotating cylinder). We modeled it in snow:

Finally, here's my optics lab from this week - it's a setup to measure the thickness of films only a few hundred nanometres thick, using interference from reflections.

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